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About SoundExpert

SoundExpert belongs to internet resources usually called Distributed Human Projects. They help to combine tiny efforts of millions of people for solving extremely complicated problems. Most known distributed projects are:

  • SETI@home – Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence by means of internet-connected computers of ordinary users; pioneer of distributed computing
  • DarwinTunes - modeling cultural evolution by means of mutations and selection of music samples.
  • fightAIDS@home – designing new drugs to fight AIDS
  • – distributed computing power for academic research and public-interest projects
  • FreeDB - database that stores meta data about music CDs; anyone can contribute information about new CDs
  • P2P – peer-to-peer networks can also be considered as distributed human/computing systems; they help to establish very efficient distribution of any digital content over the internet by sharing storage capacities and bandwidth of connected computers
  • Wikipedia – collaborative project to produce a complete encyclopedia; a good place to start learning about distributed computing - List of distributed computing projects on Wikipedia

SoundExpert, in this sense, helps to unite tiny efforts of people for evaluating audio quality of various sound equipment and technologies.

In case of audio codecs SoundExpert conducts distributed listening tests which consist of thousands small and simple listening tasks performed by volunteers.

In case of objective measurements of audio equipment SoundExpert relies on volunteers who make recordings required for computing the df-measurements.


Audio-Transparency Initiative