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Beginning of SoundExpert blog

In order to inspire people to take part in SoundExpert listening tests I decided to start this blog. Yes, it’s not perfect as it lacks standard comment functionality, but as soon as people wish to write comments such possibility will certainly appear. Promise.

There is another reason for the blog. While searching for new codecs and preparing listening tests some additional details usually revealed. They seem to be interesting enough to be published and blog format is very suitable for such kind of remarks.

Why not to talk about other audio related topics? Just some examples:

  • New independent music authors and labels
  • Distribution of audio content over the internet
  • Quality and legal issues of such distribution
  • P2P networking ...

I’m not sure I can publish more than one post per week, so the blog won’t be too annoying. Of cause, all entries will be available through RSS feed.

Good luck to me!
Serge Smirnoff

P.S. All posts will end with these two links for your convenience :

To participate in current listening test – download and grade a test file.

If you like to comment this post, please, let me know.

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