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ATRAC3plus 352 kbit/s added

ATRAC3plus codec from SonicStage 4.3 was added to 320+ group:

ATRAC3plus CBR@360.6 - ATRAC3plus 352 kbps (360.6 kbit/s FBR)
ENCODER: SonicStage
- Import a CD
- Format: ATRAC
- Recording Quality: High
- Bit rate: 352 kbps
- 44100 Hz Stereo
DECODER: SonicStage
- Save in WAV Format

Please don’t forget that each rating needs about 300 returned grades in order to be reliable. So initial values of any newly born rating are pretty random. This is indicated by color of bar – lighter ones are less representative, less reliable and need more grades to be returned. The system offers test files of such unreliable ratings a bit more often trying to maintain approximately equal reliability for all ratings.

SoundExpert thanks Osiris Walstra, Navneet Alang and others for this codec proposal. If you’d like some other codecs to be added to the rating system, please drop us a line.

You can help this and other ratings become reliable faster by downloading and grading a test file. It can be any of 92 codecs rotated in the system at the moment.

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