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Lame 3.98 in 128 kbit/s group

We must thank developers of Lame mp3 encoder for their time and efforts - Lame 3.98 released to public. In order to compare the new encoder not only with other encoders but also with previous Lame versions SE will add new Lame with the settings which are the same as or similar to the ones already used in Lame SE testing. It will depend on resulting bit rates produced by new Lame on SE test samples, though.

First setting is "-V5" - joint stereo variable bit rate mode resulting in 131.3 kbit/s on nine SE test samples. So it perfectly fits 128 kbit/s group at SE.  Previous version (Lame 3.97b2) when using this setting (-V5) showed lower bit rate - 112.7 kbit/s and its comparison with other contenders producing around 128 kbit/s output was not very honest to be true. Now with 131.3 kbit/s the competition will be more fair.

Next setting planned for testing is "-V0" - highest quality VBR mode. It was also used for testing of Lame 3.97b1 at SE. If you have some other suggestions, please, let us know.

Thanks for participation in testing. 
The People from SE

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