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MP3 codec from iTunes 7.1 added

MP3 codec from iTunes 7.1 was added to 192 kbit/s group:

mp3 CBR@196.4 (iTunes 7.1) - MPEG-1 Layer 3 CBR, 196.4 kbit/s FBR
ENCODER: MP3 Encoder from iTunes
- Setting: Higher Quality (192 kbps)
- 44100 Hz, normal stereo
DECODER: MAD 0.15.2b

Now test files of this codec are available for testing. Please don't forget that a test file downloaded from SoundExpert can be any of 91 codecs rotated in the system at the moment, not necessarily of the last added.

Download and grade a test file

This codec is from the latest release of iTunes ( as of 3 Mar 2007. Both aac and mp3 codecs remain the same as in previous version.

SoundExpert thanks John Clement for this codec proposal. If you’d like some other codecs to be added to the rating system, please let us know.

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