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New iTunes AAC added

Finally AAC encoder in iTunes was updated. The new one is included in iTunes 7.4 shipped with new Mac OS Leopard. Starting from version 7.5 iTunes for Windows also has this AAC coder. The bug of previous release is completely gone and resulting bit rates of encoded files are a little bit lower. That’s all to be said for sure in the beginning of testing it at SoundExpert.

The testing is started with CBR@256kbit/s setting which is used in iTunes music store. It looks like this bit rate will be the most popular soon. In a week or two first reliable results will show new encoder potential. If you want to get them faster, download and grade a test file from SoundExpert. Please, remember, the test file that will fall to your share will not necessarily belong to the newly added codec, it can be any of 95 codecs rotated in SE at the moment. Blind testing is blind testing. Thank you in advance for participation.

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