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SoundExpert blog got new look and feel

As current 192 kbit/s listening test is hardly walking to its finish SoundExpert project acquired this full valued official blog of its own. Yes, we become closer and more open. Now all site news and other topics can be commented/discussed here. Some entries from the old blog were transfered to this new place.

Unfortunately address of our RSS feed has changed because of the innovation. But now the new feed is in three formats:

XML: http://www.soundexpert.info/jblog/blog/se_official/feed/rdf/

RSS: http://www.soundexpert.info/jblog/blog/se_official/feed/

ATOM: http://www.soundexpert.info/jblog/blog/se_official/feed/atom/

Don’t forget to change your bookmarks and to reload your aggregators.

And finally, ratings of current test are very very close to 5% bound of reliability. Just a little more effort:

This is your test file >>

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