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Test files of iPhone 4 were replaced

This article is obsolete and retained for archival purpose. Listening tests of portable players are no-longer conducted and substituted by objective measurements which are available on portable players page - http://soundexpert.org/portable-players. The measurements of iPhone 4 can be found here - http://soundexpert.org/portable-players-beta


iPhone 4 smartphone by Apple

iPhone 4/4S
smartphone by Apple

Extensive research experiments with Galaxy S revealed that accuracy of test files preparaton for analog audio devices must be higher than we used for iPhone 4. As a result comparison of players could be unfair. We decided to prepare test files for iPhone 4 from scratch using our latest recordings of white model with iOS 4.3.5. Unfortunately there is no possibility to account the grades submitted with old test files. They were discarded, sorry!

New test files are alredy in the system. Article about iPhone 4 was corrected accordingly.

Best regards,
SE Team.


Update. 2015 August 22

Deprecated results of previous listening test of Portable Players. For archival purposes only.

Deprecated results of listening tests of portable players

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