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Old but still not-too-boring SE articles:

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A perfectly white use case for Coinhive JS miner.

Audio quality of Bluetooth music receiver TS-BTAD01
Results of objective Df measurements with real music material.

Diffrogram: visualization of signal differences in audio research
Method, accuracy and applications.

Audio quality of Bluetooth aptX and aptX HD
aptX and aptX HD testing and results.

Mastered For iTunes vs. Mastered For People
Mastering guidelines for independent musicians.

Rating bar graphs improved
With a little help of a friend.

Micropayments by Flattr
Flattr features and details of its catalog.

Cultural evolution @home
Distributed Human Project DarwinTunes models cultural evolution using music.

Bluetooth audio quality - A2DP
Performance of SBC codec at different bluetooth quality presets.

Other Russian music stores besides AllOfMp3
List of AllOfMp3 alternatives with details.

The 1st of April - Audiophiles Day
Why audiophiles are easily assified by marketers and sales persons.

Watermarks disappeared from SonicStage 4.0
SONY is on the right way to new business model.



For almost 20 years SoundExpert is the home for innovative audio measurements and research. Newly developed listener-centric audio metric combines instrumental measurements with listening assessments and helps to perform both more efficiently.

Since 2001 more than 10 000 volunteers participated in distributed blind listening tests on Soundexpert website. Sound quality ratings of 100+ codecs were computed thanks to their time and efforts. You can still take part in them.

Recently we developed a new method for instrumental measurements of audio equipment. It is based on the new audio metric and helps to examine technical performance of an audio device in great detail. Furthermore all audio devices can be grouped according to their sound signatures. The measurement procedure was fine-tuned during two years of beta-testing with 30+ portable devices. Now it is mature enough for production environment. First few tested players can be found on Portable players page.

I hope this new audio metric will attract more audio engineers and enthusiasts as it opens new field of audio research where objective and subjective are not separated anymore. Further advance in the research requires many more different audio devices to be tested - a serious challenge for our non-commercial research project. Fortunately portable players are good test subjects for this research, even the old ones. That's why I need some help from our volunteers again. If you have such old/previous/ex digital portable audio player or a smartphone that was marketed as "HQ audio inside", if it is fully functional but not in use anymore, please, consider donating it to SoundExpert. Its df-measurements will appear on the portable players page. Then it will be either kept for research purposes or sold off supporting the project additionally (or given away to some music lover if it can't be sold for some reason). I'm going to refund your postal expenses but can't confirm this right now. Please, contact me for further arrangements.

Manufacturers of portable devices can order df-measurements for their products. The cost of the work will be equal to retail price of the device. I will buy it and perform standard df-measurements. If you decide I will not publish results during a year.

Today building a comprehensive audio quality map of various audio devices on the market can be done by ourselves - audio consumers. And it's not hard indeed. In the end this will free up some time for listening and discussing Music, not technology )).

Serge Smirnoff
SoundExpert Founder