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Further research


# Research of the relationship between waveform degradation of an audio material and its auditory perception,

# Research of accuracy/reliability of df-measurements.

# Use case for df-metric: comparison of resamplers.

# Use case for df-metric: comparison of headphones using HATS


2014 Sep. Development of the method for distortion visualization - diffrogram. The diffrograms are used, among other things, for presenting results of df-measurements on df-slides,

2011 Feb. Post-screening of grades in SE listening tests is developed and implemented,

2010 May. Development of precise time-warping algorithm, which makes it possible to use the new audio metric for testing analog audio equipment,

2005 Aug. New SE listening test design with artifact amplification technology for testing high bitrate codecs,

2005 May. S Smirnoff, "DIFFERENCE LEVEL: An objective audio parameter", presented at the 118-th AES Convention in Barcelona,

2001 Nov. Launch of SoundExpert project/website (SE) on domain ( on 2009 Dec); after two months of beta testing first audio codecs were added to SE live listening tests - wma, mp3, mp3PRO, Liquid Audio, QDesign Music 2 and RealAudio 8,*/

2000 Apr. The first publication describing new audio parameter "Difference Level" (in Russian), Сергей Смирнов, "Измеряем качество цифрового звука ...", Звукорежиссер #4 2000

Audio-Transparency Initiative