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Post-screening of grades implemented

Post-screening of grades implemented

After a short period of testing the post-screening mechanism was successfully implemented at SE engine. As a result about 10% of all ratings will change their values slightly in the nearest future (at least one grade should be submitted for a device to recalculate its rating with post-screening). This adjustment will not be dramatic though to change relative positions of devices. Low's and high's of ratings will be affected to a grater extent. Screen-shorts of the ratings as of 2011.04.03 are saved in Appendix for future references and comparisons.

What will be changed substantially is reliability of ratings. Now it will take less grades to achieve 5% reliability and as a consequence - reliable ratings will be available sooner. This is the main purpose of SE post-screening mechanism.

Among other news - relocation to a faster server (probably you noticed some downtime during last week). This will also help to achieve better and faster user experience while interacting with SE service.

Best regards,
The SE Team.



SE ratings before implementation of post-screening (as of 2011.04.03).

Coders 320+

Coders 320 kbit/s

Coders 256

Coders 256 kbit/s

Coders 224

Coders 224 kbit/s

Coders 192

Coders 192 kbit/s

Coders 160

Coders 160 kbit/s

Coders 128

Coders 128 kbit/s

Coders 105

Coders 105 kbit/s

Coders 96

Coders 96 kbit/s

Coders 80

Coders 80 kbit/s

Coders 64

Coders 64 kbit/s

Coders 48

Coders 48 kbit/s

Coders 32

Coders 32 kbit/s



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What is SoundExpert

SoundExpert - How it works SoundExpert (SE) is a crowdtesting service that provides audio quality ratings of sound equipment and technologies such as mp3, aac, wma ... encoders, portable players, sound cards, amplifiers ...

The ratings are based solely on results of blind listening tests when listeners don't know the particular device they test. So the values are completely unbiased and free from any marketing and advertising noise.

SoundExpert provides ratings thanks to visitors who take part in testing. The more number of participants - the more devices and technologies could be tested. The ratings are computed in real time while new grades are returned by visitors. The testing procedure is simple and short enough that anyone, including you, can participate. Just download a test file (<3Mb), listen it (<15s) and send back your judgment. Details are in test file. The more accurate grades - the more reliable ratings.

SoundExpert is independent non-commercial research project. It's in beta state because it uses new audio metrics and corresponding listening test design which are not widely adopted by audio engineers. The key feature of this new method is possibility to hear sound artifacts which are normally beyond threshold of human perception. So, please, use these ratings with caution. Detailed but still easy to understand explanation of SE internal mechanics is in the article "SoundExpert - How it works".

The main idea behind this service is consumer control over sound quality measurements of various audio equipment on the market. SE, being a distributed human project, combines tiny efforts of audio enthusiasts for carrying out this task.