How to support SoundExpert

Let's be honest – there are no any "free ratings" in realworld because quality control is paid either on production side or on consuming side. SoundExpert is made for-and-by audio consumers and is not affiliated with any of audio manufacturers/developers. It works only thanks to audio enthusiasts who contribute their attention, time and efforts. Fortunately the internet and human distributed projects can utilize such efforts very effectively, even the smallest ones, for achieving great goals. SoundExpert goal is to create publicly available mechanism for objective measuring of perceived audio quality of various sound equipment and technologies.

If you like the idea of consumer control over audio quality measurements by means of blind listening tests and how this idea is implemented on the site, you can make your contribution to further research and development of the project.

Any your assistance will be gratefully received whether it is time and effort consuming like contributing to research process or easy and simple as a click of a mouse on a right place of the site. Some more ideas are listed below:

  • Download and grade a test file
  • Grant equipment
  • Make a donation

Other ideas might still be in your head. Your proposals are accepted. Feel free to contact us.

Download and grade a test file

You must be surprised, but still the best form of your contribution is downloading and grading a test file, because exactly participation in listening tests makes this service valuable. Your time and efforts will be applied in the best possible way in this case.

We'll be thankful for a single test file. Five or ten files will be a serious contribution to the project. Regardless of the fact that each rating needs minimum 300 returned grades in order to be reliable, we don't recommend grading more than 10 files at a time because of possible listening fatigue. So, have a nice testing. Thank you very much in advance.

Please, visit Testing Room and follow three easy steps to participate in SE listening tests.

Grant equipment

As SoundExpert is non-commercial independent research project it can´t afford buying expensive laboratory equipment. At the moment we need high-precision D/A and A/D converters which will allow us to start listening tests of analogue audio equipment and analogue circuits of digital audio equipment. We plan to begin with digital audio players. SoundExpert testing engine is well prepared for such kind of testing already.

Basic features and specifications required:

  • Simultaneous input and output conversions with synchronized clock
  • Standard balanced and unbalanced analogue inputs/outputs
  • USB or FireWire digital input/output
  • Sampling frequency (fs) up to 96 kHz
  • Total (D+A) accuracy of both conversions:
    • THD+Noise: < -100 dB
    • Frequency response: ± 0.1 db within 0….1/2fs
    • Amplitude accuracy: ± 1% within 0….1/2fs
    • Phase accuracy: ± 1.0 degree within 0….1/2fs

We will receive such laboratory instrument with gratitude and this fact will be mentioned on SoundExpert site specially. Please, contact us for details. Thank you in advance.

Make a Donation

We will do our best to maintain the project alive and up-to-date as we did it since 2001. Wherever it is possible we try to use free and open source products in our work. All other expenses are covered by SE authors privately. For now SE has expenses of two kinds:

  • Research – purchasing of audio research papers and magazines, laboratory instruments, software for audio testing/processing/analysis.
  • Web Hosting – software, hardware, co-location and traffic costs  

If you like to share some of these expenses with us you can donate any amount using the options below. Thank you!


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