Ratings of psychoacoustic encoders

A few notes concerning SoundExpert ratings of encoders:

  • All encoders are tested with the same testing procedure. So all ratings can be compared with each other. Groups are for convenience only.
  • Ratings above 5-th grade mean that the encoders have some quality headroom, their artifacts are beyond threshold of human audibility. Testing files of such encoders are processed additionally - sound artifacts are amplified to the extent when they could be heard by ordinary listeners. In cases like that ratings are calculated analytically taking into account not only grades returned but also amplification applied. More details are on Testing methodology page.
  • Bit rates shown after "@" in names of encoders are file-based bit rates (FBR). They are calculated using a single sound file which consists of SE nine samples concatenated one after another. The following formula is used:

    File-based Bit Rate

    In case of VBR encoders these bitrates could be achieved in real world compressing classical music. Pop, rock ... result in higher bit rates. CBR encoders use the same bit rate for all types of music.
  • Ratings of more than 100 encoders exist only thanks to people like you. Consider taking part in listening tests. It's easy and more like fun. Just download a test file below (1.5-3.5Mb, short instruction inside). Thank you in advance!