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Audio quality of portable players

As perceived audio quality of portable players depends mostly on performance of their analog audio circuits, objective audio measurements is a must-have supplement to usual SE listening tests. Below is the collection of slides with results of such audio measurements. One slide – one player. The measurements are performed in accordance with the new audio metrics:

  • all devices are tested with the same set of test signals and music material
  • difference between input and output waveforms is measured in decibels of the objective parameter – Difference level (Df).

These slides - df-slides - are sorted by histogram median – Df value which assumed to correlate well with perceived audio quality. Top df-slides represent portable players with higher fidelity.

The list of tested players is for convenient navigation around the slides. Players, marked in bold have been also added to standard SE listening tests and their subjective ratings can be found here -

SoundExpert thanks all people who shared their devices for testing.