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The audio measurements below illustrate how accurately the players reproduce the initial/recorded waveform. These devices are tested with both real music and technical signals. Degradation of the waveform is measured with the Difference level parameter (Df, dB). It shows how significantly a final studio mix is altered in a playback device. When the Df level is low (blue area), this implies less deterioration of the sound.

Df-measurements are presented in the form of df-slides - one player per slide. Each slide shows Df levels for ten technical signals and two hours of music [SE test set "Variety"].

How to read df-slides [beta]. How we measure df levels [soon]. What is df-metric.


Df-slides below are sorted by histogram median. Top df-slides represent portable players with higher playback fidelity.

Audio measurements of Chord DAVE
          Chord Dave: not portable but a good high anchor for the portable players.

Audio measurements of Chord Hugo 2

Audio measurements of FiiO M7

Audio measurements of LG V60

Results of LG V35 audio measurements

Audio measurements of Sony NW-WM1Z

Audio measurements of Shanling M0

Audio measurements of FiiO M3 Pro

Results of Shanling M8 audio measurements

Audio measurements of LG V30

Audio measurements of Questyle QP2R

Audio measurements of Apple iPad Air

Results of FiiO M15 audio measurements

Results of Hidizs AP80 Pro audio measurements

Results of Lotoo PAW Gold Touch audio measurements

Results of Astell&Kern SP2000 audio measurements

Audio measurements of Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter

Audio measurements of Astell&Kern SA700


Screen of Fame

These innovative and highly-revealing audio measurements became possible thanks to Paul and Maurice from and support from audio enthusiasts like you. We plan 100+ devices to test. If you’re able to consider donating, please, specify which player you would like to see in the database. You can also design a personal plate (64x64px) for the screen below. Thank you!


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